When you lack a soul mate…

Probably everyone needs an opportunity to communicate with people who are in tune with you.

Who share your likes and dislikes.

With whom you don’t need to waste time arguing about anything.

But unfortunately, it’s not so easy to create such a social circle – the majority of the surrounding people are “tuned” to another wave.

Of course, one can try to find the like-minded people via the social networks.

However, the communication there often develops into the endless holy wars and arguing one’s point according to any question – from politics to musical interests.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

So what to do if …

– You do yoga, but hardly anybody of your acquaintances supports you in that.

– No one shares your passion for Argentine tango.

– You are keen on art house movies, but your friends don’t understand them, and you have no one to discuss a new film.

– There is no one to share your impressions about your favorite author’s new book.

– Nobody understands what’s so cool in Mexican cuisine.

– It’s hard to find someone who is so enthusiastic about extreme tourism, as you are.

– Your musical preferences are strange even for your friends.

We’ve created a social network Tizzer so that you could find yourself in the circle of soul mates.

In Tizzer, you will be able to find easily those who share your likes and dislikes.

More correctly, you even won’t have to search anyone – we will do it for you and lead those people by hand.

One can say that Tizzer is the first world social network for connecting soul mates!

How does it work?

When you register in Tizzer, you answer the questions about your likes and dislikes.

We will ask what music you listen to (and what you won’t listen even at gunpoint), which movies you watch, what cuisine you prefer, which countries and cities you appreciate, etc.

The more questions you answer, the more accurate will be the search for people with the similar interests.

Our smart system of connecting soul mates will show you the profiles of those network users, who are the most like-minded with you:

Joining the network, you can choose the goal of communication:

1) Search of coterie (like-minded people who share your interests)

2) Search for a romance (an individual who is your soulmate)

Besides, Tizzer can become a perfect recommendation service – you can see which movies, books, albums are rated by your soul mates.

By the way, if you want to communicate with a person from another country, and your level of foreign language leaves a lot to be desired, you can use an embedded online translator:

So are you ready to meet your soul mates?

Now we are preparing to launch our social network. Leave your e-mail to be the first to know about the start of Tizzer.